Many voices, one mission
We're some of the people who set out to make life at work simpler, more pleasant and more productive through design.
Meet the product design team
The iconic sidebar, the flow of a workflow and the ever-expanding possibilities of working seamlessly in one digital place. That's the work of Slack product design, a mighty team that spans user experience, content design and design operations.
Meet the creative team
A campaign full of compliments, an event dedicated to the future of work and a dynamic world of color, shapes, illustrations and photography. Behind the Slack brand is a team operating across motion, design, language and process.
Behind the screen
We make
Slack's mission isn’t corporate jargon to us; it's about actually helping people, which is what we love to do through our brand and product.
We collab
We get better—and make Slack better—by learning from each other. Everyone's invited to regular crits, share-outs and brainstorms.
We live
Between Slack's meeting-free "Focus Fridays," quarterly Maker Weeks and a culture of flexible work, we make time for what matters: life. And dogs.
Help us change the world of work